We provide optimized solutions to fully satisfy our customer’s expectations. Our vessels are fitted with cutting-edge technology, enabling us to explore every opportunity and increase clients flexibility, as well as providing a platform for all trading and transportation requirements for liquefied gases.

New build projects

Economies of scale dominate shipping economics. We maintain a reliable network with experienced German and international shipyards. We support and take responsibility for our customers by investing in the best available technologies to optimize economies of scale, together with the environmental performance of hull and cargo system design, propulsion and all on-board equipment. Costs can be reduced by improved engineering and by targeted commercial arrangements. We are thoroughly involved in every step of a new building project until the delivery of the vessel.


If the infrastructure of a delivery port lacks universal conditions, we deliver the solution. For one customer, we changed the position of the manifold, so that the ship was able to operate in a very small and narrow port. We are equally capable of matching the gas plant of a vessel with the needs of a special terminal, by adding additional booster pumps or re-liquefaction facilities. Our solutions are designed to increase clients’ profitability, while maintaining the safety and security of crew, ship and cargo.


HarpainGas provides a wide range of expertise and solutions to the expanding specialized gas transportation sectors.


Our projects for LNG shipping activities are built on our long-standing experience of nearly three decades in liquid gas transportation. We have combined LNG/ethylene carriers, as well as small-scale LNG feeder vessels, on our drawing board. The multi-gas option will allow for the swift availability of cargo space for customers with individual needs. Small-scale LNG feeder shipping opens up new markets and delivers clean energy sources directly to the customer. We are capable of matching the gas plant of a vessel with the needs of a special terminal, by adding additional booster pumps or re-gasificaction facilities (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit - FSRU) Our solutions are designed to increase clients’ profitability.


LNG will be fundamental to future gas supply in many countries on an increasingly regional scale for power generation, vehicle fuel and bunker fuel for ships. Efficient, tailor-made technologies for clean energy transportation are necessary to mitigate climate change.

HarpainGas is at the forefront of these developments, thanks to cutting-edge gas handling and transportation technologies.

Our highly specialized crews, supported by our LNG onshore team of experts, ensure ongoing dynamic operations optimization with knowledge, expertise and professional hands-on approach.

Shipping CO2

By the time that carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies arose a decade ago, we had already adjusted the design of our vessels in order to provide service and expert support to related projects. As the properties of liquefied CO2 are similar to those of LPG, seaborne transport in combined LPG/CO2 ships is technically and economically feasible.

CCS technologies can significantly reduce atmospheric emissions of CO2 from fossil fuel power plants. Meanwhile enhanced oil recovery (EOR) can increase oil production significantly by injecting CO2 into reservoirs. As both technologies are advancing, the demand for CO2 to be handled and transported by ships continues to grow.

HarpainGas will be happy to share its knowledge of handling, transport and storage with CCS value chain operators.