Gas transportation

We are committed to technology leadership, safety and environmental protection. We go the extra mile to make sure our ships are safer and greener. Continuous vetting updates are ensured every time.

Our partners can rely on innovative processes based on experience and cutting edge technology. We deliver transparent data and operations, with problems solved immediately.

Our fleet

Ethylene-capable carriers are the most sophisticated ships afloat, with the ability to carry not only most other liquefied gas cargoes, but also ethylene at its atmospheric boiling point of -104°C. The bilobe Type C cargo tanks are robust and accommodate a wide range of cargo temperatures and pressures. Independent pumping and piping systems serving the tanks allow vessels to carry different cargoes simultaneously and thereby create opportunities for our customers.

Our semi-refrigerated vessel is capable of carrying pressurized and refrigerated LPG up to -48 °C. It is equipped with bilobe Type C storage tanks and able to use both refrigerated and pressurized shore facilities. With a length of 156.03 m and a full load draft of 9.80 m it is also perfectly suited for smaller ports in India or China and the rest of the world.

Our history

Innovative approaches and tailor-made solutions have been the hallmark of the company from the outset. Thanks to our founder Rimbert Harpain, we have a long-standing history in the LPG market. In the 1980s, he started contracting several LPG carriers, from 5,600 cbm to 15,000 cbm, as well as MT DONAU with 30,200 cbm, which at that time was the largest semi-refrigerated carrier in the world, all built by renowned German shipyard Meyer Werft in Papenburg

In the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century, we continued to expand by bringing innovative new built gastankers into service. With wide-ranging and deep experiences in the seaborne LPG and ethylene transport markets we established a reliable network with partners around the world. Our ship management expertise reflects our capacity to comprehend the complete business portfolio, from new building plans to the fleet operation of LPG and ethylene-capable gas tankers, built on the wealth of knowledge of our founder Rimbert Harpain and his teams.

Today we operate five semi-ref Ethylene Carriers of 17,000 cbm: GASCHEM NORDSEE, GASCHEM PACIFIC, GASCHEM ADRIATIC, GASCHEM ANTARCTIC and QUEEN ISABELLA, built 2009, and one semi-ref LPG Carrier QUEEN ZENOBIA built 2002. All ships are operating successfully for GASCHEM SERVICES in Hamburg, Germany.



October 1980 The First Gastankers, The GAZ NORDSEE and GAZ PACIFIC ordered by Rimbert Harpain at Meyer Werft, Papenburg
September 1985 MT Donau with its 30.000 cbm capacity the largest Semi-Ref at its time launched at Meyer Werft, Papenburg
Januar 1988 Harpain Shipping GmbH is founded
October 1989 Harpain orders two 8.300 Ethylene Carriers at Brand Werft in Oldenburg
December 1996 Two 12.500 cbm Ethylene Carriers ordered on behalf of Steensland/Solvang Group
April 2005 Purchase of two 10.500 cbm Ethylene Carriers from John Fredriksen
December 2005 Purchase of the 21.500 cbm Semi-Ref Queen Zenobia from Naftomar
June 2006 Contracting of four 17.000 cbm Ethylene Carriers at Meyer Werft, Germany
June 2013 Founding of Harpaingas GmbH & Co KG
December 2016 Moving into new offices on ABC-Strasse in downtown Hamburg after almost 30 years at Gänsemarkt
October 2018 HarpainGas achieves ISO 9001 and 14001 certification from Lloyds Register